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Takenokai is a traditional Japanese musical instrument circle that has been performing shakuhachi, shamisen and koto for 113 years this year! We take lessons from professional teachers and practice in a Japanese-style room! We have instruments available for rent, so there is no need to buy one! Many of our members are also members of other clubs, so we have a lot of flexibility. Takenokai's biggest event, the "Regular Concert" held in December, is the culmination of the year's activities. The club members dress up in kimono and give a full-scale performance on a gorgeous stage! Beginners are welcome! (Most of our members were beginners!) You can join at any time, regardless of your grade. If you are interested in Japanese instruments, want to start something new at university, want to work freely at your own pace, want to get along with your friends and seniors in a warm circle atmosphere, please join Takenokai!

Active days: 

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Campus of Activation: 


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