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Judo Rikotai Club


One of the most important aspects of this club is the fact that foreign students make up the majority of this club. The fact that foreign students are both friendly and eager to learn, allows us to bond very quickly. When it comes to judo, there is one person who is very strong so we would love to have someone who can beat him. We will practice twice every week on Mondays and Thursdays from 18:30. We are working hard to get KUROOBI or second grade in judo!. There is no entry fee or annual fee for this club. There is a limit to enter this club of only 30 first come can only participate, so the moment you see this, you get in touch with us! This is Line ID.

Active days: 

Monday, Thursday

Campus of Activation: 

Game venues and training camps such as Hiyoshi, Mita, Yagami, Kodokan

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