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Off Course Music Company


Off Course Music Company (aka "Off Ken") is Keio's largest band club with members ranging from beginners to advanced musicians! We have a free band system, so you can play variety of music genres from Japanese rock to Western music. You can also perform at live shows for free if you pay the club fee, and it's a lot of fun! The appeal of Off Ken lies in its free practice sessions and its extensive equipment, which is made possible by the fact that it is the largest band club. There are many other fun events besides lives, such as over night live camp! Regardless of grade or experience, all members get along well with each other and many girls also actively participate in our activities, so you are sure to have a fulfilling campus life! We welcome not only experienced members, but also beginners and those who want to also join other clubs.

Active days: 

Saturday and Sunday. We perform live on Saturday or Sunday about once a month, and on weekdays, we gather and practice.

Campus of Activation: 


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