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Coffee Club


We are the only coffee related club at Keio University. We welcome all, from extreme coffee lovers, to coffee beginners, and to those who just wants to chill. Not all of us are coffee experts. Through activities like pour over practices, coffee seminars, latte art seminars, cupping (a way used to distinguish small differences in coffee), and café hopping, we hope you can find a coffee life that suits you!! Most of us are part of multiple clubs, and there are even some people that has multiple part-time jobs. It is not necessary to be part of all activities, and you can join on the pace you are comfortable with. Of course, participation in all activities is welcomed too!! We hope that this club will be an at-home environment which you can come back to once in a while. If you need any help with the application form for this club (it is in Japanese), feel free to let us know!!

Active days: 

We work on Saturdays, Sundays, and on weekends about four times a month. We regularly visit cafes after 3.4 periods on weekdays. In addition, the long vacation period is also active on weekdays.

Campus of Activation: 

Active in the public hall cooking room along the Toyoko Line

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