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Keio University Wrestling Team


In Keio University Wrestling Team, even those who are new to the sport are able to compete in the national tournament. In the previous year, two of our athletes have won the 1st place and one who won the 2nd place in the East Japan Championship. We even have members who compete in the global stage. Last year, Ozaki Nonoka has won the World Championship and the Asian Championship. As we train in short but intense manner, members have considerable amount of time outside of the training to plan for themselves. There are many of us who participate in internships and part-time jobs. We have our own wrestling dojo that consists of gym and shower. It is open for members to use outside of the training time. Also, the Keio University Wrestling Team is recruiting managers as well. We currently have one manager who supports the training and responsible for jobs such as the reporting of account balance and organization of interview with TV stations. We are more than welcome for you to tryout for wrestling! Please contact us if you are interested!

Active days: 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Campus of Activation: 


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