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Karuta-Kai is an official student group at Keio University where we play competitive karuta, a traditional Japanese card game. Maybe some of you might be familiar with it with Chihayafuru, a comic series and a movie on karuta. Last year, we won the first place for two consecutive years in the national competition held at Oumi Jingu, where universities from all over Japan gather and compete. Although there are many advanced players in our group, 70 to 80 percent of our members have started playing karuta from zero without any prior experiences. If you have an interest in karuta, maybe even a little, that is just what you need to join us and start something new together! The seniors will kindly teach what you need to play karuta. We are active 3 days a week but you do not necessarily have to be active in all of them. The decision of joining a practice or a competition is totally up to you; you can decide how you want to be active in our group at your convenience. There are many members who are simultaneously joining other student groups as well. Looking for something new to start? Or maybe karuta started to look interesting to you? We the Karuta-Kai, will happily welcome all of you regardless of any prior knowledge or experience you have in karuta! Jumping into our practice sessions for a sneak peek is also welcomed ;) Please feel free to knock on our door!

Active days: 

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Campus of Activation: 

Hiyoshi, Tsunashima District Center, Hiyoshi District Center, Minato Ward Traditional Cultural Exchange Center

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