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Keio university waterpolo club


The Keio University Athletic Association Swimming Club has a long tradition of over 100 years since its establishment in 1915, and has won many Japanese National Championships and Intercollegiate Championships. The team consists of 48 members, and practices six times a week at the indoor pool in Hiyoshi's Kyoseikan. This season, the team members are working hard together to achieve their goals of placing second or higher in the Intercollegiate Athletic Championships, winning the Waseda-Keio Tournament, and participating in the Japanese National Championships. The name "Keio Gijyukutaiikukaii" may sound rather formal, and may conjure up images of unreasonable rules and strict hierarchical relationships. However, our club is based on the Keio spirit of "independence and self-respect(独立自尊)," and we have strong bonds of trust within our members regardless of their grade or ability. The team policy is to be student-centered, and each student takes the initiative to make the sport of water polo and student life enjoyable and fulfilling in a very free atmosphere.

Active days: 

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Campus of Activation: 


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