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Keio Women's Touch and Flag Football Team UNICORNS

女子タッチフットボールチーム ユニコーンズ

Our team, Keio Women's Touch Football Team UNICORNS is the only touch football team in Keio and is affiliated with Keio's official american football team. Touch football is a six-on-six encampment game that removes tackling and protective gear from american football, making it safer and easier to play. All current members of the team started playing this sport at university, so anyone including beginners, the people who want to play new sport at SFC, who really want to get into something, and those who want to be managers as well as players are always welcome ! We practice 3-4 times a week from 8:00am at the SFC ground to become the best in Japan at the national tournament in December. If you're at all interested, DM us via Instagram or twitter !

Active days: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday are only one month before the game

Campus of Activation: 

Hiyoshi, Shonan Fujisawa

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