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Keio English Speaking Society(K.E.S.S.)


Hello!! We are Keio English Speaking Society ( K.E.S.S.). K.E.S.S. is a historic organization, 130 years old this year, with the goal of improving communication skills in English. Specifically, we hold “Noon activities” to improve basic English skills through English conversation during lunchtime on weekdays, “Home Meeting activities” to improve the ability to create opinions in English, “Section activities” to improve the ability to persuade others, and other activities. “Section activities” include Debate, Discussion, Drama, and Speech activities. As well as improving communication skills in English, you can also improve your management skills by organizing events inviting students from other universities. We also have “All Summer Camp”, a full-day English camp, “Home Camp”, “Section Camp” in the summer, and “Winter Event” in the winter, as well as many other fun programs. Why don't you join us? Please check out our official SNS for more information about our activities.

Active days: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, weekday noon, every day, after school and weekdays, irregular

Campus of Activation: 

Hiyoshi, Mita,

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