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Official - Belongs to Culture Club Union

SADOUKAI(tea ceremony society)

Japanese Name:


Hello, we are Tea Ceremony Society(SFC) - the one and only student society in SFC where you can experience Japanese tea ceremony. If you are interested in Japanese culture, our society is the place for you! Our activities mainly consist of weekly training sessions called “Okeiko” where we prepare for the “Ochakai”, the tea ceremony itself. Japanese tea ceremony is, in simple words, the act of making japanese green tea for guests. Yet, it consists of the essence of japanese culture. Exchange students and non-japanese speakers have joined our society in the past, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Orientation Schedule

April 5
12:00 - 15:00
λ Building (Lambda) Research Section λ14
April 5
15:30 - 18:30
Gulliver Pond (Kamoike)


Activity Information

Activity Days

Irregular activity about 4Sun on Mon

Activity Locations

Shonan Oba Citizen Center

Activity Base


Yearly Schedule

​Spring (Apr. - Jun.)

May training session, June Minazuki tea party

Summer (Jul. - Sep.)


Autum (Oct. - Dec.)

November Shimotsuki Tea Ceremony, December Karuta Tournament

Winter (Jan. - Mar.)

February's first kettle

Busy Period

constant throughout the year

*Kimono dressing classes are also planned.

About Members

Number of Members

29 people

Number of Members by Years

2nd year: 13 people
3rd year: 12 people
4th year: 4 people

Number of Members by Campuses

SFC:29 people

Gender Ratio

Male:Female = 10:90

Ratio of Joining Multiple Clubs



Admission Cost


Yearly Cost

(Collected every semester)

Instrumental Cost


Training Camp Cost


*Equipment cost: 13,000 yen for women and 10,000 yen for men *Only for those who do not have equipment
Training camp fee 1 is for events such as tea parties.

Information of Admission

Admission Limit

The event will end as soon as the capacity is reached.

Admission Condition

Limited number of people

Accept Non-newcomers


How to Join

Please contact us on official LINE and participate in the lesson tour.

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