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Official - Belongs to Keio University Athletic Association

Boxing Team

Japanese Name:


The Keio University Athletic Association Boxing Club is looking for passionate athletes to fight together. If you have boxing experience, love boxing, or are interested in boxing, please come and take a look at the club room. Many players starting at university are also active! We are also looking for managers. [I love boxing! Boxing players are cool! I'm interested in being a manager! ] This is the perfect club activity for those who like this.

Orientation Schedule

April 2
10:30 - 12:00
Fourth Building Section A J447
April 4
12:15 - 13:45
Fourth Building Section A J441
April 9
18:30 - 20:00
ι Building (Iota) Research Section ι18


Activity Information

Activity Days

Tue / Wed / Thr / Fri / Sat / Sun

Activity Locations

(Mubutani boxing club/club room)

Activity Base

Boxing club/club room

Yearly Schedule

​Spring (Apr. - Jun.)

April kickoff May league match

Summer (Jul. - Sep.)

May to July League games August Summer training camp

Autum (Oct. - Dec.)

October: Kansai University match December: Waseda-Keio match

Winter (Jan. - Mar.)

March Spring training camp

Busy Period

League match period from May to July, preparation for Waseda-Keio match from October to December

*League games from May to July are the hottest battles of the year. A heated battle awaits. We have won 8 consecutive Waseda-Keio matches!

About Members

Number of Members

27 people

Number of Members by Years

2nd year: 5 people
3rd year: 9 people
4th year: 4 people
5th and 6th years: 9 people

Number of Members by Campuses

Hiyoshi / Mita / Yagami:23 people
SFC:4 people

Gender Ratio

Male:Female = 85:15

Ratio of Joining Multiple Clubs



Admission Cost


Yearly Cost

(Collected every semester)

Instrumental Cost


Training Camp Cost

① ¥50,000
② ¥50,000

Information of Admission

Admission Limit


Admission Condition


Accept Non-newcomers


How to Join

1. Contact the club 2. Observe and experience club activities in the club room 3. Join the club

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