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Official - Belongs to Keio University Athletic Association

Kendo Team (Science and Technology students)

Japanese Name:


We are a kendo club of the Sports Club of the Faculty of Science and Technology! Beginners, sophomores and above, and female members are all welcome. 4 times a week practice, with a participation quota of 2 days a week, so you can balance your life with what you want to do. We are a club with a good atmosphere, where we are serious about our training and friendly outside of training. We have a lively university life, with members of our club, including former members of the club, coming to our regular practice sessions. Please feel free to visit us!

Orientation Schedule



Activity Information

Activity Days

Tue / Wed / Thr / Sat / Other
Yes, it is possible to organize overseas games on Sunday.

Activity Locations

(Yagami Gymnasium)

Activity Base


Yearly Schedule

​Spring (Apr. - Jun.)

Entrance ceremony, Waseda-Keio game, Spring Cup

Summer (Jul. - Sep.)

Early payment meeting, summer training camp, Yagami Kendo Festival

Autum (Oct. - Dec.)

Waseda-Keio match, Autumn Biseasonal Cup, late meeting

Winter (Jan. - Mar.)

Cold training, spring training camp, graduation celebration

Busy Period

June, November

About Members

Number of Members

60 people

Number of Members by Years

2nd year: 18 people
3rd year: 18 people
4th year: 19 people
5th and 6th years: 5 people

Number of Members by Campuses

Hiyoshi / Mita / Yagami:58 people
SFC:1 people
Shiba Kyoritsu:1 people

Gender Ratio

Male:Female = 80:20

Ratio of Joining Multiple Clubs



Admission Cost


Yearly Cost


Instrumental Cost


Training Camp Cost

① Spring training camp 50,000 to 60,000
② Summer training camp 50,000 to 60,000

Information of Admission

Admission Limit


Admission Condition

Entrance fee 2000 yen

Accept Non-newcomers


How to Join

We plan to make it possible for members to contact the SNS account operated by the Ricotai Kendo Club, visit the Yagami Gymnasium directly, or post the representative's LINE on flyers during the new recruitment period to convey their desire to join the club.

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