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Ocean Swim Team


The Hayama Swimming team is an athletic club that specializes in long distance swimming. In the past we’ve swam in the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, from top to bottom for a whopping 40km!! You can only experience this rare sport at Keio, where students take the initiative in everything from planning to the execution of long-distance swimming mainly in the sea. We usually practice swimming in a heated pool at the Hiyoshi Campus Collaborative Building, but in the summer and spring we hold a long-term training camp in Tateyama. In addition, during the training camp, we go on expeditions to seas and lakes all over the country and swim long distances. The activities of the Hayama Division are wide-ranging. One of the main characteristics of the Hayama Division is that it goes beyond just swimming, such as practicing the rowing boats and mechanical vessels used for long distance swimming. We are also focusing on teaching beginners, and experience is not required for both athletes and managers! In the past, there were some members who could barely swim when they first joined the team, but in half a year they were able to swim more than 15km! Seniors are very supportive and we’ll help you with everything !! Would you like to challenge the ocean with us?

Active days: 

Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday

Campus of Activation: 

Hiyoshi, Keio Sports Hall Mountain Class Club

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