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Dear English-speaking freshmen


Keio University has many student clubs. Some are historic, some are cutting-edge, and there are a variety of experiences to be gained there. Clubs can make your university life more exciting. We hope you find a club to make your university life more fruitful. 

This site introduces you, as an English speaker, to some fun clubs you can join. Please check it out.
Also, this website is operated by "All Keio Student Council", a student self-governing body.



Club  orientation events will be held in preparation for the new semester starting in October. Please follow the All Keio Student Council and the student president on Twitter and wait for them.

2024 Spring Event (Japanese)


We provide basic information on the activities, annual membership fees, and other necessary information for joining a university-recognized group planning to accept you. Please check out the organizations you are interested in.


Click here for a list of circles.

For everyone, there is also an official WEB site prepared by the University. Please visit there for information on classes, etc.

The official university website for international-related information is here.

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