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aikikai aikido club


Aikido is a self-defensive martial art that teaches you to protect without hurting yourself or the other person. The goal isn’t to fight or compete with your opponent but rather to see both physical and mental growth through constant practice. If you are worried about having no knowledge or experience with Aikido, don’t worry! Many of our members were beginners when they first started but we have seen immense growth recently, all thanks to the members who already had experience with Aikido and to our thoughtful and patient teachers. We have teachers visit us from Aikikai every week, which is an Aikido organization founded by the person who actually made the martial art! Being able to learn the original and authentic Aikido from an Aikikai teacher is a great experience which, I think, makes our club very special. Our club has many members who can communicate in both English and Japanese, so even if you don’t feel comfortable being in an all Japanese environment but still want to practice, this club will be a perfect place for you! Our club is relatively small in size, so it’s very easy to get to know everyone. We also have many events throughout the year, like training camp/ trip, joint practice with other universities, and end of the year party. I hope you were able to learn a little bit about Aikido and our club while reading this. I hope to see you at practice!!

Active days: 

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Campus of Activation: 


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