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Exploration club


Founded in 1969. We are pursuing the unknown. In this club, we make a small team in each activity based on their own interest and explore and research. We welcome anyone who wants to explore and investigate proactively regardless of your campus, faculty, age, nationality and how many years you repeated classes in Keio. :) Activities in the last year are below (Example) Insect food party, The infiltration and research of Japanese hippie commune and culture, kayak on Tokyo's small waterways, walk and investigation on discontinued railways. Also in the past, we have done exploration in some parts of the world. (Like kayaking on the unfounded river in South America etc...) <BASE> Keio Student Hall "Jukusei-kaikan", Hiyoshi campus. <Regular meeting> once a week in the room in Hiyoshi. <MEMBERS> 25 people from 5 campuses including Shiba-Kyoritsu campus, SFC.

Active days: 

Mainly on weekends, holidays, long vacations (committees are held weekly)

Campus of Activation: 


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