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Official - Belongs to All Keio Student Council

Shonan Student Union

Japanese Name:


Shonan Student Union is an organisation that aims to ensure the involvement of students in the decision-making of SFC. Our mission is on hearing from SFC students to connect them with SFC’s faculties. All members meet on premise once a week to discuss how we should shape SFC and students’ participation in the academic autonomy. You can get even more active by serving as a secretariat member. Our daily roles are, for example, providing various useful information, organising the General Assembly and Kenkyukai Orientation, operating Open Campus for pre-freshers, and so on. We hold another meeting of secretariat every week, online. Socialising events for members, namely summer camp, are also waiting for you to come! Why not make full use of your strengths and give shape to your desire to “improve and enliven SFC” in Shonan Student Union?

Orientation Schedule

April 5
12:00 - 15:00
κ Building (Kappa) Lecture Section κ11
April 8
18:30 - 20:00
λ Building (Lambda) Research Section λ17


Activity Information

Activity Days

Mon / Thr / Other
It is possible to be active on days other than the designated days.

Activity Locations

(You can engage in activities off campus if you wish.)

Activity Base

SFC clubhouse building

Yearly Schedule

​Spring (Apr. - Jun.)

Spring Orientation, Neighborhood Association Radio

Summer (Jul. - Sep.)

Tanabata Festival, seminar orientation, summer training camp, campus tour

Autum (Oct. - Dec.)

Autumn orientation, SFC student general meeting, open campus

Winter (Jan. - Mar.)

Seminar orientation, winter training camp

Busy Period

Fixed yearly

*We will disseminate information and conduct surveys from time to time. Regular office meetings are held every Monday during the 6th period at the Shonan Fujisawa Campus, and online from 9pm on Thursdays.

About Members

Number of Members

28 people

Number of Members by Years

2nd year: 12 people
3rd year: 10 people
4th year: 6 people

Number of Members by Campuses

SFC:28 people

Gender Ratio

Male:Female = 63:37

Ratio of Joining Multiple Clubs



Admission Cost


Yearly Cost


Instrumental Cost


Training Camp Cost


Information of Admission

Admission Limit


Admission Condition

Must be SFC students

Accept Non-newcomers


How to Join

You can apply by joining orientation or by completing the membership form on the homepage.

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